"Hair Do's & Don'ts"

So, I wanted to do a fun page of Rachel getting her "3 feet" of hair done because everyone, and I mean everyone, asked about it. From the time it took, how many rollers, to the amount of hairspray, and "did it stay in all day"? Melissa is truly amazing when it comes to doing hair! When she called me earlier that morning and asked me "Auntie, do you have elastics to hold the rollers in because the clips won't hold Rachel's thick hair" I went on the hunt. It's amazing what you can find in your kids drawers and how many elastics they "don't have" when you actually look for them. I needed 49 and I had extra! I also know when Rachel looks at this page 10 years from now, she will remember that day, and the huge part her cousin had in making her feel really beautiful that night when she had so many people compliment her and ask her what salon did her hair. After all ladies, isn't this what scrapbooking is all about?
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