"Community Service"

One of the many things I appreciate about the camp in Vernon, is what they teach the cadets about community service. Every year they pick something in or around the city that needs cleaning up or something done and the cadets go and do it. Here this platoon from Rifle Coach is cleaning up around and in the creek. Some of the cadets were in the water up to their waists, picking up floating debris. In this picture, Jenna is about to cross the shallow part of the creekbed. So glad Wayne Emde was there for me again!

There are not too many organizations out there that promote and teach this kind of team work, and community work. This not only teaches the cadets about being a good citzen but it instills in them (or tries to) a sense of giving back to your community. Something we are sadly lacking these days. In the group picture above, does it look like the kids are choked because they had to do some physical work? They seem to have a sense of pride in being a part of something bigger than themselves. I think that is the key to this whole thing. It is not about them as individuals, but as a team, working together to accomplish a goal...for someone else. But is leaves you with a pretty satisfied feeling to be a part of something like that. I have done it, I remember that feeling of giving of yourself and feeling satisfaction. Sorry, there is my rant! Keep up the good work, guys!!!
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  1. Kelly Says:

    Yikes, I have been gone for a week and you blogged your little heart out while I was gone!!! You must have an "in" to get all of these great shots of Jenna!!