"2 Day Bike Trip"

This is Adventure Platoon. Jenna wanted to switch into this company when she got to Vernon. With the advice from her Commanding Officer, he thought it best she stay where she was. For several years now she has been plagued with pain that flairs up periodically in her right leg. We don't know what it is, but extreme exercise would only aggrevate it. This course is nothing but extreme exercise/activity. It would have been perfect for her if she didn't have a bad leg. They biked for two days. Mile after gruelling mile. The neat thing is, when they get back from this tiring trip, the CO and other senior officers at the camp are standing outside welcoming them back to base. It makes for a nice welcome back. I posted this picture because one of "Mama P's" adopted boys is in this platoon sitting in the middle front row. Next to the girl in the orange shirt. He never fails to give me a hug every time he sees me at the armouries or where ever he is. It doesn't matter who is standing around, how many of his friends are there he still hugs me and calls me Mama P. It gives me warm fuzzies because I don't have boys, so I have to adopt them :). Sean is perfect for this course as he is very active. We'll see how he does. As you can see the scenery is something these kids will never forget as some of them come from as far away as the Maritimes and Quebec.
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