"The Interview"

I missed Jenna's call today by five minutes. Arrggg! She got to shoot the C7's today and she told Shannon that she loved it! When I asked her dad how she shot, he told me that she was the third highest shot in her platoon. I thought that was pretty good. Knowing her, tomorrow, she will strive to do better, "shooting" to be the top shot! Sorry, I couldn't help the puns.
Yestersday Jenna was reviewed by an officer. Kinda reminds me of a job review after three months. Only this happens on a weekly basis and I believe by different officers (I'll have to ask her for sure). A little nerve racking if you ask me. I hope I can talk to her tomorrow. I want to find out what kind of questions they ask you. Todays pictures on Vernon's website are awesome. I may try and download some more.
I found out that Jenna shot 197/200. Now that's what I call shooting! Someone else shot 199 and someone actually shot a 200. There are 34 people in her platoon, so she did pretty good.
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