"Batallion Sports Day"

Here is a rare photo that Wayne Emde took of the girls last Saturday during Battalion Sports Day. Rachel was able to get down from Foxtrot for a few minutes as they don't participate in the event. It is only for those who are there for the six week courses. I'm thinking I have a few pictures from these guys. They did a great job for me!!!

Here Jenna is talking with her Officer in Charge (otherwise known as her OC), Major Vecchio on their way to classes.

Grad Parade day on second intake. We were excited because Rachel had received some great news. She was promoted to Warrant Officer for the remainder of her stay at Vernon. So this last intake of cadets she will be a Platoon Warrant (what she did at home here for the last year) but with about twice as many kids. She was so excited. Her promotion parade was on Sunday, so I should have a picture up soon with that.

As I have flipped through these pictures this year and even last years pictures, there has been one thing that has become apparent. Even though I do not know the CO of Vernon ACSTC personally, Col. Al Dengis has impressed me alot. This is why. In this photo, you will see him squatting down talking on the level with basic cadets. These are kids that generally range in age from 12-14 years of age. This is not a photo op, he is out there in the rain getting to know the kids. Not sitting in his office staying dry. The very first intake of kids coming in late at night (past midnight) at the beginning of July, he was at the airport along with other officers to greet them because it was and still is a tradition. Some of these kids have never been here before, never been that far away from home before, nor for that length of time. He wasn't at home in bed sleeping letting an underling take care of it...he was there, himself. Who do you think those kids are going to remember? Those kids on the FTX that are cold and miserable and wet, one of the hi lights of their camp, I guarantee you is going to be that the CO of the camp came and spent time with them, got wet with them, ate the prepacked food with them, was ONE OF THEM. Look....he has the attention of every one of the kids'. In the next photo, he, along with the retired CO and another military guy came out to the abseil site, and they all went down. My point is, he mixes with the kids, all the time. As far as I know each FTX he goes out their and sees them, checks on the band kids and sees how they are coming along playing. He leads by example. Any great historical leader was out front with his men, not sitting behind his desk giving the orders afraid to get his hands dirty. Even though I don't know him personally, I see what he does....I really like this guy. I think he is just a big kid at heart!!!!

2 Responses
  1. Julie Says:

    Great Pictures! Congratulations Rachel! The girls have had a memorable summer.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I bet you are missing them a lot, huh?
    They'll be home soon enough:)