"We're Home"

We finally arrived home Sunday afternoon after almost 16 hrs driving home in two days. We have two very tired, but satisfied kids. Goodbyes were hard, especially on Jenna because she probably has one of the closest platoons on base. I don't think I have seen so many teenage guys literally bawl their eyes out! Some they will never see again as they will age out this year, and never return to Vernon for another training year. You know what was funny? If anyone was watching, (which I doubt it, but just in case) I am sure they could have been confused wondering how many kids I really had...I found most of our Saskatoon cadets that call me "Mama P" that had to run up and give me a hug! Just seeing a familiar face must have felt good to them. I had good ole Minnie run straight out of his barracks hollering "Mama P" and ran to catch up to us so he could give me a hug and talk to us.
I have a ton of pictures from both girls, with alot of stories that kept us entertained all the way home, in between naps! So I guess I won't run out of pictures to scrapbook, between the two of them over 600 photos where taken! That isn't including the ones we took of them and their friends saying goodbye and then the Sunset Parade. So maybe I'll post a couple pictures of the Sunset Parade until I get a couple new pages up and posted.
This just about takes care of our summer. They start back at school soon. Life will return to somewhat of a normal routine....maybe. But we will have changed and grown and become better...more mature young adults...let's hope. Have a great rest of the summer!!!
8 Responses
  1. Kelly Says:

    Well, I am glad that they had an awesome summer and that they are home again, safe in your care!

  2. Laura Says:

    Me too, Kelly. Lots of stories and pics to do. They have their albums picked out already but I a so far behind I think I am first!!!

  3. Thomasd Says:

    Good to have them back!!!!!!

  4. Kate Says:

    I'm back on-line!!! Glad to hear your girls are safe home. See you next week maybe, I'll be in town and I need adhesive.

  5. Laura Says:

    Yes, Thomas it is good to have them home save and sound! my house isn't quiet anymore and I love it!

  6. Laura Says:

    Kate, I've missed your comments, good to have you back with us. Looking forward to seeing you sometime next week. Hope it's on a day when I'm working...on second thought, might be cheaper for you if I'm NOT working!!!! Hee! Hee! Wait'll you see the new Basic Grey.

  7. Kristen Wishlow Says:
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  8. Laura Says:

    Thanks Kristen, I will check your site out now. I haven't had much time to scrap lately, hope to get some done once the girls are back in school and things kinda settle down.