"Photography Challenge of the Year"

Here are a few of the pictures that Rachel took yesterday. As you can tell by the title that we kinda had fun and gave Rachel a little bit of a hard time and her mom and aunties have licence to do. The first picture makes me laugh because for some reason Darla really like this "bush" and so on our way back from the river, we decided to get a few pics with it in it. What we didn't realise was that Rachel was snapping while we were getting situated! We look like the proverbial dog looking for that comfortable spot on the mat that circles and circle's until he just plops down on the floor!
I tried to climb into a tree (quit laughing everyone) but my shoes weren't grippy enough so I had to settle for being planted on the ground. Besides which we got branches in the hair, and Darla got one in the face while Lana was trying to break it off!
The only sad thing is that the card Rachel used for the first 150 pictures she took won't let us remove them from the memory card. Rachel is the most upset about this. We are still trying to figure out if there is a way to salvage it.
That's all for now!!!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well this was interesting and very fun to say the least. I think Laura and I are sore from laughing and Darla's tongue and lips are still blistered from talking. I have never seen someone with so many questions throughout the photo shoot. Here is a sample of what we heard...What side of the shoulder do we look over? Shouldn't we all look over the same side? Do we turn our body 1/4 way, 1/2 way, or what? How do we stand? Where do we put our hands? Lana where are you putting your hands? Am I doing this right? Is this going to be more of a side pose? Do we show our teeth? Are those mosquitoes? They are not black flies Laura, they are mosquitoes, you lied to me. Can't we go behind this red bush? Don't you love that red bush? Why can't we go behind that red bush? Can we kneel behind the red bush? Are we all facing the same way? Should we take off our coats? No Laura, don't take off your coat....Owwweeee Lana you hooked that twig in my hair, is it ruined? Oh it was a blast....Rachel had patience that is for sure !!!!!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    You see, out of all of us, Darla has had the least experience on the other end of a camera. So I will show some mercy even as I am still chuckling as I type!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, so I flapped. By the end I became quite adept at flapping without moving my lips so it wouldn't ruin any more pictures. Lana's cynical smile was her contribution to many ruined pictures, and Laura just laughed. And laughed. We had to wait several times so she wouldn't wet herself (all you mothers know what it's like after having babies, after all).

    All in all, I think I did pretty good for someone who loathes getting her pictures taken. And, I cannot help it if my sisters do not have good taste - that red bush was beautiful!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yes we all did good...for hating to get our pictures taken, it went well. Your flapping made it fun Darla. I seem to remember it was you instantly concerned about there not being a bathroom around. I'm not sure we even made it out of my car without you expressing that. But man, just looking at these shows how much older we are getting....all the wrinkles in our faces and grey hair....the only thing that separates us is a few years, well-worn baby flattened bladders that make you two pee on the spot, and my use of hair dye. And Laura - Darla made me cry yesterday when she told me you had the softest and smoothest skin out of us three. When you begin to see the excess Degelman wrinkles ...then hair dye and paper bags come out....yes to cover my Degelman nose as I know that is what you are thinking Darla.
    Thanks for a great day ladies...

  5. Angie Says:

    Hey, sorry to hear about the memory card problem...my only suggestion is to try it on a different computer, or check on the memory card itself to see if the lock switch has been touched...its used to protect your pictures from being removed... hopefully that helps :)

  6. Laura Says:

    Thanks Angie I'll look into that. Hey, girls... I can also hear mom when she looks at the pictures and wipes the tears from her eyes!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah well Lana, I only comment on your Degelman nose when you comment on my skinny lips. You started it, queenie.


  8. Julie Says:

    Funny pictures, well done Rachel...especially with such difficult subjects!! Laura - there is over 1 MB of data on the card but I cannot retrieve it even after downloading two recovery programs...so time to get the professionals involved.

  9. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    I hope you get those pictures recovered. Lana I wouldn't have even looked at your nose in particular if you hadn't mentioned it! Now I have tried to figure out the problem by looking at it closely. I guess maybe my glasses n eed to be stronger, I don't see a problem. We are our own worst critics.

    Looks like Darla is having issues with her bush. May be she is thinking that God is going to talk to her like Moses cause it is the color of a burning bush. Looks like you both had to help her out of said bush.

    Show us the rest when you get them recovered.

  10. Rachel Says:

    this was a very traumatic experience. I should have recieved combat wages. Seriously..its a dumb mosquito..and no, you arent going to fall into the river..Gosh!

  11. Jenn Says:

    pft, about me not posting new entries.. what about you? :)

  12. Laura Says:

    well, ppppft...it's about time you actually left a comment. I want to scrapbook soon so I can post some new pages, not just photos. Soon I hope!

  13. Angie Says:

    Did you ever recover your pictures from the memory card?

  14. Laura Says:

    no, I didn't, we had to throw the card out. We knew someone who tried, and he couldn't get them off. Such is life. We'll just have to go again...next spring! lol.