Hope this finds everyone relaxing after an enjoyable weekend spent with family or friends. I am kind of excited because tomorrow if all goes well and the weatherman cooperates, Rachel is going to do a "sisters" photo shoot of Darla, Lana and myself. It will be the first time we ever did this... I think ever. We'll see if Canon is as good as they say...we will be testing it to the limits! Hee, hee, hee. It should be fun, and if nothing else we will laugh our fool heads off and drive Rachel crazy. I should have great scenery pictures anyway! I won't promise anything, but if there are any decent pics, I'll maybe post a couple. I have always wanted to do a little book of sisters, so hopefully I'll have my chance. Right, add that to my already many unfinished projects!
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  1. Julie Says:

    Had a great Thanksgiving - tried your recipe and it worked great!!.....just kidding!
    Looking firward the results of tomorrow's pictures.

  2. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Had our turkey last weekend and are going out to the woods tomorrow! Fun! Being with friends, Scrunching through the leaves, smelling woodsmoke, eating potluck, mmmmm...

    Would also like to thank you for the RAK which was truly a Random act of kindness. I was yankin' your chain when I asked about it.

    It took me long enough to get it though. No fault of yours or the deliverer. I asked R about it when you told me and she sent T out for it. He brought it in and put it in the vestibule and told me where it was. I walked straight out the doors without it. Arrrrrgggghhh. I frantically phoned the church and told them to not let anyone throw it out I WILL get it. Soooo... I went to church on Sunday (this) morning and pick it from the vestibule and place it carefully in my pew. After church I stand around and yak and then grab my purse and take off. You got it no gift bag..... Double Duh!!! And I haven't even looked in it yet!!!! Tonight I went in to the pew. Thank God the bag was still there, got the bag and took it out to my van. Phew! Safe and sound. Finally. I got to look at it after church tonight.

    How perfect though. The daytimer is something that I have been meaning to get for my self and just never got around to it and when I looked all I could find was the 2008 ones. Yipee! Now I have a school year one. The rub ons and snowflake stickers. I really like them they are soooo.... delicate and gorgeous and all are perfect for my cards. The ribbon though! I know better than to leave it in sight of my cat and honestly! I was just having toastand peanut butter and reading a book and didn't even hear him get one out until he is gagging and there is less than a foot hanging from his mouth. Thankfully I got it out. I seriously considered washing it and drying it to use but the grossosity of it (new word) was too much. I even had the stupid ziploc bags out ready to store the ribbon. Duh!!!!! I know better, I know better, I know better!

    The stamps are adorable and I have never seen any like that. I can hardly wait to get to them and use them. Siggghhhhh..... Some where in the distant future.....

    Even the bag was elegant and the envy of the people who saw it. What a perfect gift. From one flamingo to another. I can hardly wait for normalcy to kick in. Will it ever?

    Soooo... to those of you out there that were not her 1000th visitor, I feel sorry for you even though that was not why I got the RAK

    Anyway thank you thank you thank you

  3. Laura Says:

    You are so very welcome. You are the bestest friend in the whole world!!! For that, I thank you. Enjoy.