"Random Layouts"

So I finally got around to blogging tonight, don't faint or fall off your computer chair. I usually have to fight three other people for the computer to begin with and then I have to make sure I am going to have enough time to finish! Sounds good anyway. These are older pics of Hannah but I was glad I got to use up some old paper...for a change. Some stickles, buttons, and stamping and that is about it.

I've had these pictures for a while and wanted to do something special with them. Lately I haven't been satisfied with any pages I have done. Ralna even commented on it, that I comment on every page I do, that I am not happy with something...whether it is just the embellishments, journalling or paper. Again, using up stuff in my stash. That feels good. I love the pictures of the girls in their dress blues, they look sharp if I do say so myself. The colors are so rich and the uniform so classy. Anyway, Rachel received the Legion Medal of Excellence last May.

This was the fall FTX and I used the Cosmo Cricket line of patterned paper. An older line again...go me! Also used more of my Thickers. Good old blocking and lots of small photos.

I think Lorraine took this picture of Kaylin and I at last years Spring Fling, so I had to scrap it. I totally lifted the page from Page Maps, as I was in a rut and needed to accomplish something. Liking the new paper and embellishments.

These are perhaps some of my favorite pictures of my grandma and my daughter because they so much depict their true character. I can only hope that I am like my grandma if I live to be her age. She always has a smile on her face, and is a joker....don't think it runs in the family? She has a great sense of humor and I was so glad when Denise caught her and Jenna skipping down the sidewalk the day of Rachel's prom and photo shoot. You know me and chipboard...many fonts, and I also got to use up some Heidi Swapp ghost stuff!!! Ink and glossy accents and a little bling and I'm a happy camper!
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  1. Sharon Says:

    Nice to see some new pages up on your blog. I really like the Hula Girl one . . . simple and sweet.

  2. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    I do like the colours and agree with Sharon the hula girl is sweet and simple. Is there hidden journaling on these pages. The words you wrote on the blog need to be where the can be pulled out and or looked at and remembered. Did I miss a tag or flap somewhere?

    I am still not done the second Masada pages. sigghhh...

    Although I am ready to put pictures on and then decorate the FAMIlY word books 6 of them. So much tracing and cutting and gluing and stacking of books and trimming and sanding and inking. But WOW ever worth it. I think the issue is that I am doing 6 at once.

    Sharon that is a good picture of you.

  3. nice to see some new layouts.I know how you feel about not liking something on your page. I have felt a scrapbooking low lately, and it's not fun.

    I need new ideas, new projects, and a store that is closer to be current city would be nice too!

    I like the laout of the girls in their dress blues. As well the 86 and still young...like the colors in that one!!!

  4. April D Says:

    Hey Laura! I love your first layout with the older pics of Hannah...That must be one of your daughters as I think I can see the resemblence in recent pages in the store...wow, how time flies! Also, love the hula page with Ralna's daughter very simple yet sweet and has impact. Check you page once in awhile, but more often now that I am into this blogging thing thanks to Sheryl and it is nice to see new stuff on your page.

  5. Darla Says:

    My bias compels me to let you know that your first layout in particular is beautiful! I am quite happy to supply the "subject" for your talents any time.

  6. Julie Says:

    Just picking myself up off the floor here to say wow is my Google reader deceiving me? Is Laura posting? Haha - love the layouts and they look way better in real life in the store!
    And Darla - those two beautiful gifts of yours provide us with much entertainment at JSI. I mean..really... I am tempted to scrapbook pictures of them myself!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Laura!! Beautiful pages- all of them. You have great imagination to make them look so nice. Have you considered quilling to add a little pizzazz?? (An American word- let me know if you need a translation!!)

    Rachel (Mullins) Goff

  8. Laura Says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I am so glad you took the time to check out my blog. Thank you for the compliment...in answer to your question, yes I have done some quilling, but I find it frustrating and tedious (I know, that sounds a little oxymoronish coming from a scrapbooker, but there are just some things I don't do on my page). Like sewing, just won't happen...unless I can con someone else into sewing for me.
    Anyway, that's all for now. Take care and it was nice hearing from you.


  9. Anonymous Says:

    So excited you posted, and with so many pages. I remember scrapbooking in your kitchen months ago when you started the page of Hannah. I love the finished project! I also love the one of Jenna and your Grama! Hopefully we get to scrapbook together soon.

  10. It was great seeing you in the store the other day! I thought I may have time to come back again, but not this time around. It's been so busy with birthday and wedding stuff. Tomorrow is the big day...and a big day for Kyle and I...we're doing his sisters wedding photos!!!! So nervous! And now I'm off to bed, going to be crazy tomorrow.