Getting Ready For Grad

Tonight I finished the mock up of Rachel's grad dress that I am making for her. As she put the bodice on and I pinned the back together, a wave of nostalgia swept over me. Many of you locals already know the lengths I have gone to to find a pattern for her dress, so this one seems a little extra special to me. When I realized there wasn't going to be that much to change (very little in fact), I was elated! Mylyhn is amazing! Where has time gone? Years have sped by and now Rachel is graduating. This, of course isn't anything new to the human race or motherhood...just me! You begin to relive all her firsts, all her accomplishments, all her growths, her mistakes. I have also been reflecting on my role as a mother and wondering if I did enough...did I make the right decision in that particular situation? Time will tell. I am feeling rather vulnerable, somewhat human I guess. I look back and see all my mistakes also and realize that the grace of God really did step in. Where I fell short, He made up the difference. I am thankful that I don't have to face the "empty nest" syndrome right now. She plans on going to school right here in Saskatoon. One less thing to face right now.

So, if I get a chance to do the April challenge, it will reflect somewhat along on these lines. About the changes on the horizon in my life. Me don't like big changes!
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  1. Julie Says:

    having similar experiences and thoughts Laura. I have been looking through all Allisons photos and when I dropped her off at school today it hit me and hit me hard as she walked up the walkway to the doors - where did my little girl go and how did it happen so fast? Mistakes - we all make them - but thankfully He is much more influential than we are as so we do our best - which is a long way from perfect and trust in Him for the rest. You have done a fine job of raising your girls Laura - now enjoy them and all the wonderful things that they are. :)

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks Julie for the vote of confidence. Much appreciated!

  3. Laura Says:
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  4. Well, when you do your April challenge, your journalling is already done. You could use that post right there. I think it is written perfectly. Your girls look up to you and think you can accomplish anything because you have taught them that THEY can accomplish anything. Didn't Rachel say "You don't need a pattern anyway. You can do it, Mom." You've done a great job. They are both well mannered, beautiful little ladies who will succeed much beyond anyone's expectations of them. Can't wait to see pictures of the famous dress. See you SO SOON!!!

  5. Laura, you are such a busy Mom, How do you find the time for everything?