"Life is Crazy!"

I figured I had better update as it has been a few crazy weeks since the last post. As most of you know I am trying to finish a grad dress, work almost full time and lead a somewhat "normal" life. The dress is coming along...with a few minor meltdowns, but we will win! I am a visual learner and I am finding it somwhat challenging to sew this dress without any written instructions, therefore I have to have everything figured out in my head BEFORE I sew the next step. All will be fine I know and a great learning curve for me. I figured instead of uploading pictures of me cutting the pattern out, since the grad is only one week away and you have been so patient up to this point, I would just post a picture of her in her dress. Okay? The finished product will look much, much better anyway (I hope :-)
Tonight was the first night of our Aloha Spring Fling. What a blast we are having! My girls stopped in after my shift was over and I was about to go home with them, when I noticed that Wilna Furstenburg had stopped in. I am always excited to see her, as she is one of the most inspiring, genuine ladies I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I was so happy to be able to introduce her to Rachel and Jenna, when Wilna turned to me with disbelief on her face and said, "You have girls this old?" To which I replied, "Yes, and Rachel is actually graduating next weekend." She then gave one of the best compliments anyone has ever given me when she told me that she thought "you were in your twenties!" To which I promptly threw my arms around her and almost broke her ribs and told her I loved her for life and she was my best friend! She has this way of making you feel like a million dollars! So Wilna, if you read this post, thank you tonight for that compliment!
I had another thing happen earlier this week that I know everyone who knows me wouldn't be surprised and will laugh with me. We had a new customer in the store browsing for a while when she came up to the counter to look at the ribbon. Sharon was teaching a class and it was quite busy and I was alone. (It was in the evening) As we often do when a customer wants to look at ribbon we ask them to come behind the counter. Well, as I was running low on sleep this week, and running in the store, I kinda got my words a little twisted. I was going to ask her if she wanted to take a look and a peek all at the same time and I ended up asking her "If she wanted to come behind the counter to take a leak." Well needless to say I couldn't stop laughing. That was my biggest faux pas in retail history. She has a great sense of humor and has been in the store three times this week, so I have not scared her away. I of course told all my friends and kids because I am a firm believer in laughing at yourself...life is too short. So I hope I made someone laugh because it sure made me and many of my friends and family laugh for days after!
Thank you guys for being patient and faithful and I will have many pages done AFTER grad. You guys have a great weekend and we'll see some of you at the store and if not, we'll see you on the blog! Lord Bless!!!
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  1. Kelly Says:

    FINALLY LAURA!!!! Thanks for the update (although i did get it all first hand this weekend...) you did a great job this weekend (loved the make&take) and it was awesome getting to know you better ... now I know why Kate loves you so much :)
    P.S. I have gone behind the counter to take a leak before ... lol

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks Kelly. You know the saying...birds of a feather...I was so excited for Kate to win the Zutter and all. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Julie Says:

    LOL - This is too, too funny!! I thought I was the only one that jubbled my words. Remember the time I was describing the benefits of membership to a new customer and told them they could use the crap room whenever the store was open! OOPS!!!

  4. Amanda Says:

    LOL -- you are too too funny. :)

    Thanks for all that you did this weekend...and most of all, thanks for being YOU!

  5. I won the Zutter, oh yeah Baby! Won the Zutter, won the Zutter!!! My heart still flutters a little when I think about it! Thanks for a great time Laura!!! Love your make n' take. I of course bought the glue pad and some glitter. You enabler, you.

  6. Laura Says:

    Kate, I couldn't think of a more deserving person to win the Zutter. ( I almost typed the Zitter. There I go with my mix ups! LOL.) I'm glad you bought the glue, because of course you'll get home and kick yourself in the...pants for not getting it and you know we'll be out of stock next time you're in the store (with your luck). I was just doing what I love best...enabling!!! See you again.

  7. So now that this grad has actually happened do you think we might get to see a photo???

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing better on a bad day than a good laugh. Thanks Laura for cheering me up...Carla