6 Responses
  1. Sharon S. Says:

    Excellent . . . nice to see you up and running again. The grad pages are fantastic. Maybe we can do an evening scrap and get some more done.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Love these layouts, I am so happy you blogged! I was hoping you were okay ...

  3. Laura Says:

    I'm fine Kelly, just incredibly busy. I was foolish to think it would slow down after grad. :) I keep saying "Next week" and then next week comes and goes and I haven't decreased my pace much. I have to figure that out! Sharon, I'm working tonight if you want to scrap...

  4. Chris Says:

    Absolutely beautiful....of course having such a gorgeous subject doesn't hurt.

  5. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Dearest Laura: I am splendiforously happy that you have deemed us worthy of viewing more of you fantabulous layouts! They are scrumpdilliumptious! I particularly like the doo hickey in the middle of both of them. My eyes have been opened since working at your store and I am a rejuvenated scrapper. Since then I have completed my 6 x 6 accordian album that I got at the convention and have completed parts of the album I was working on. I have not made a card since then, although I am finding it necessary to do so very soon.

    I do hope you do not tarry as long before we get to see the next edition of your blog. Remember we are watching and waiting

    oodles, you know who!

  6. Julie Says:

    hey welcome back - glad you posted these great layouts - but I do know how busy you are...usually doing something for someone else!! Looking forward to a few more layouts from the grad.