"FTX Fun"

It was hard doing this page because Shannon had taken so many good pictures I wanted to use all of them! This was the first FTX the corps had where they had pictures like this. He truly did capture the spirit of the kids in this corps.
This FTX was kind of extra special because Shannon was a civilian instructor for the army cadet corps so he went along to the Dundurn base. The girls are used to his quiet antics but the other kids and officers are still getting to know him and his quiet sense of humor. He took along "cyclops", his 15 million candle power flashlight. Some of the officers and the RSM had more fun with it than he did.
All in all the girls had a great weekend with their dad, minus the wicked storm and an hour away from evacuating everyone. They came home burnt, tired, dirty and ready for a shower!

2 Responses
  1. Kate Says:

    YOU BLOGGED!!! I think I just had a heartattack! LOVE the grad LOs...the colours are fantastic. Thanks for helping me spend all my money on Monday, had a blast as always!

  2. Laura Says:

    Anytime, Kate. You know that. Always love seeing you guys in the store, you are like a breath of fresh air. Your excitement and enthusiasm for scrapbooking and the product is so catchy!!! Can't wait till you move back here girl.