"Where's Jenna?"

Can you find Jenna? This is almost like "Where's Waldo?" Really isn't that difficult. The only skirt in the bunch kinda gives it away. The first Sunday afternoon they have all the cadets get together on the commons and they have a bunch of skits etc...I don't know if Jenna's platoon did one or not, I haven't had the chance to ask her. Last year Rachel's platoon made local television when they did their skit and Rachel had a random lady come up to her and tell her she saw her on the local new channel the night before! Rachel was rather embarassed to say the least. Sitting directly in front of the band has to be hard on the ears, though. I do know that they have a great bunch of girls in her platoon!

3 Responses
  1. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Sorry, I never was good at wheres waldo? I do not see her???? Help row and number over from the left or the right???? hlep

  2. Angie Says:

    I posted the page I did of MacKenzie shaving with her Grandpa. Thanks for the new outlook on my 'ugly pictures'...the Nice paper makes the pictures look good. I didn't end up using the blue though... It just didn't fit right, now I just need a title..I think..

    Thanks for your help the other night too! :)

  3. Julie Says:

    Front row Mrs Wizzle...I had to double click on the photo to blow it up before I could find her. :)