"Life's Lesson's"

Well, I received another phone call Monday night from Rachel. Still chuckling about it. She is coming down with a cold which is what happens to her when she doesn't get enough sleep. That's not what has me laughing. She started telling me how "she wants to come home, this isn't so much fun anymore." She didn't go as far as to say "I want my mommy" though, that would have been a little too much too soon. She has one cadet from Saskatoon who shall we say, is a rather unique individual, one cadet who was throwing up, and one cadet who was homesick. This was just Monday nights dealings. Just two days after they arrived!!! Of course I started to chuckle because it started sounding like being a parent...the only difference was, she was getting paid cash!!!! I was going to encourage her and tell her that it was okay that things were going to start getting better when I realized that yes, they would get better....just in time for these kids to go home and the second set to come in and the process to start alllll over again!!!! So I wisely kept my mouth shut and listened to her as I as quietly as possible chuckled under my breath.
She then asked me if Jenna told me about "that guy" to which I replied "yes" and started laughing. She got a little testy with me and said, "Mom are you laughing?" To which I admitted to doing. She said "Mom, it's not funny." This poor fellow is staffing in another company that is on the other side of the highway 2.2km away. I guess he kinda likes Rachel and he also walked up to Foxtrot where Rachel is staying just to "see how she was feeling" on Monday night. I asked all the usual questions how old, ( 17-18) what's his name, (I don't even know his name, mom!) and the laughing started all over again! I felt bad for her. She doesn't want this but it is all apart of life and growing up and learning to deal with situations that you face that just don't go away. Life overload. With multiple situations at one time and not lose it...... life. She is afraid he is going to ask her to mess dinner and believe me some of those guys go all out! So she has her work cut out... to let this guy down as gently as possible, as nice as possible.
The one story I have of Jenna is her barracks inspection on Monday went well. Her staff Sgt used guess who's bunk as an example to follow? Yup, Jenna's. "See this bunk? That's how I want to see everyone's bunk to look like." Do you think she was everyone's favorite? Not. Besides their bunk NOT passing inspection, Jenna's was used for an example and now she is liked by the staff. You know how teenage girls are. I wonder how I can get her to do her bunk like that at home? Maybe I should do an inspection every week between the two of them...hmmm have to put some thought into that one. hee, hee, hee.
So until the next phone call and the next story, I will end it with that! I know Jenna will be shooting C7's at the end of this week or the beginning of the next week. I am sure I'll have some stories about that! And Rachel gets to take the kids out in the bush for three days. Ha, ha, ha! Should be interesting. So until next time, bye for now!!!
5 Responses
  1. Angie Says:

    You must have had a really giggly day yesterday. As you were laughing at MacKenzie sticking her tongue out at me when I asked her to do something...lol. At least you had a fun day.

  2. Julie Says:

    Sounds like the girls are having fun being away from home dispite the trials (this too shall pass). So what are the empty nesters up to? Not throwing any parties are you?

  3. Laura Says:

    Planning kitchen renos, painting bathrooms (soon) and overall keeping ourselves too busy to miss them. I really notice it at night because that was our girl time together. It seems to be going fast. Our work schedules are colliding...hmmm have to figure something out.

  4. Kate Says:

    Your girls are survivors! And they know how to say NO so don't be worried, just keep laughing. Life is what we make it and your girls are such adventurers!

  5. Laura Says:

    Thanks Kate for the vote of confidence. Jenna shot a C7 today for the first time and she liked it. I'll blog about it when I actually get to talk to her.