"At The Park"

I met Darla and the kids at the park yesterday afternoon and I had to bring along the camera. They were so much fun watching running back and forth from the slide to the the ramp thingy (great technical name, huh?) to the swings. Then they wanted to run up the hill, down the other side. I have so many pictures that capture the expressions on the faces of each child that truly depict their character. Seth has this impish look on his face...the little stinker. Hannah has come so far, she tends to be a worrier. When I showed Rachel the pictures last night, she could totally relate to Hannah. Rachel and Hannah are so much alike in character, they are both the more serious siblings. Hannah takes after her mother and that is in no way a negative trait. There are so many things about my sister that I admire. It was Darla that led me to my Lord, and in fact brought our whole family to Christ, and Hannah has that same sensitive nature, as does Rachel.

It was comical when Darla told them it was time to go! Seth was adamant that he was going for one more slide. (after he went down two more times already). He wasn't quite ready to go home. But the promise to climb amongst the rocks on the way to the van helped get his mind off the fact that he was leaving the park. Oh, the antics we parents have to use when dealing with toddlers or teenagers!!!

8 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    How did two amazingly cute kids end up with such a homely mother? It was a real sacrifice to let you put one of me on your blog, Laura, so you better be thankful.


  2. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Sacrifice, smachrifice!!!!! You are beautiful too! Love the pictures. I really like ones that are natural better than the posed ones although those serve a purpose too!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You were right, the pictures of your niece & nephew at the park are great. They are so enjoying the moment. Gotta Love That! Thanks for all your help tonight & for showing me the new product - it was fun!


    P.S. tell your sister that she is NOT homely!

  4. Laura Says:

    Your welcome Theresa. I know she isn't homely, she also has this inner beauty that shines for everyone to see. She is also one of the best mom's I personally know! Enjoy your new product and we'll see you in the store again soon. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Now I'm totally embarrassed! Honestly, I wasn't looking for compliments, in fact, I thought people would just laugh off my comment. To prove it, I will just declare to all the world that I really am a dazzling beauty!


  6. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    whoopeeeee! I was your 1000th visitor do you have a RAK for me???? ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho hoh oha heee heee giggle giggle tee hee guffaw!!!!!! love ya

  7. Laura Says:

    Mrs. Wizzle, I sent your RAK with Rebecca and Thomas on Friday. I was thinking it would be you who would be my 1000th visitor (ha, ha, ha, that was just fluky) so I prepared ahead of time and you should recieve it this weekend! Enjoy your surprise!!!