My favorite picture of the girls taken either Christmas eve or Christmas morning. Where does time go? It just seemed like yesterday that I was chasing them away from trying to pull the ornaments OFF the tree!

Our infamous crokinole tournament. We had fun and laughed so hard! My dad bent the most posts! That was so unbelievable. He used to be able to do triple plays, and I was even shootin' better than him that night. Good times!

The Peterson cousin clan. That's a mouthful. Left to right on the couch: Rachel, Brandon, he's holding his brother Severin, Jenna, she's holding Harcus, and Justine.

Severin after the backhoe fiasco covered in sawdust.

Don't fall off your chair...yes I am posting, finally. Life is just too hectic and I need to figure out how to slow it down. When I do, I'll let you all know!

My Christmas this year was quite a special one. For the first time we had Christmas dinner with my family in almost 24 years. We started out in Wynyard for Christmas eve weekend and had fun because we spent some of it with Shannon's brother Scott and family. It is always fun watching little children open gifts. We got Severin a battery operated backhoe and did he have fun! It didn't take Shannon long to find something to "dig" up in the shop and before you knew it, Sev and Harcus were covered in sawdust! It was rather funny and the boys needed a bath before bed but boy did they have a blast!

We came back to the city early Christmas day to have Christmas dinner at my sisters house. It was really nice to have our whole family together. Do you remember what it is like to sit down to a feast and not only look at your siblings, but when you see food dishes prepared that you ate when you were children, it was so........Twilight Zone? I don't know if I can find the words to describe the feelings that were going through me that day. Then we played crokinole, took lots of family/sibling pictures and just had a really good family day. So much so that it left an indelible mark on my eighteen year old about the importance of families.

So, it has taken all this time to let everyone know that my Christmas this year was perhaps in many ways the best one since the year Rachel was born. I have lots of pictures to scrapbook (go figure) so I had better get some pages up!

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  1. Angie Says:

    I remember playing Crokinole when we were little, its such a fun game! Glad to hear you had a good christmas! Can't wait to see some new pages posted too!!

  2. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Yes, finally, you let your fingers do the talking. I can remember your girls as sooooo tiny. Hard to believe they are so grown up! And Harcus is a miracle baby. Our family thing on Christmas was to set up a special table with a jigsaw puzzle on it that you worked all through the holidays, together and alone. We also always had those wooden or metal and in the later years plastic puzzles that you took apart and put back together or like Rubiks cube. you know.

    Family is incredibly important and I think as we get older we find that out even more!

    Keep it coming! Now you know why I didn't start a blog! Ha ha ha ha

  3. Julie Says:

    Crokinole - we got that game out at Christmas too! Family time is sooo important and sometimes we just have to make it happen. Glad to see you blogging!

  4. Darla Says:

    Uhmmm......I notice you neglected to write who WON the crokinole tourny.....

  5. Jenn Says:

    im glad your christmas was good. it sounds fun!.
    sometimes i wish i had a bigger family!.

  6. Laura Says:

    Fine Darla....if you insist. Everyone, Will and Darla won the tournament, but if I remember correctly it wasn't by very much. Lana and Dave were close behind.

    Jenn, sometimes large families can have it's drawbacks, too. But you know that you are one of my "girls" anyway and already a part of the family so it doesn't matter that you weren't born a Stewart or a Peterson, you just fit in and are a part of us!!!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ...ummmm excuse me...Darla's wires are crossed....(she is getting old)...me & Dave clearly won the tournement.....that is the way I remember it anyway.....


  8. darla Says:

    And you think I'm getting old, Lana? For being three years younger your brain cells are definitely depleting quicker....after all, look at your spelling of "tournement".

  9. kris & kyle Says:

    Hey Laura, just wanted to let you know I finally started that baby book this weekend. I have some in-progress layouts posted on my blog. I'm trying to do a simple theme again like my sisters grad book, but with 8x8 pages, it may get a little squishy! Anyways, enjoy! ~kristen

  10. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Awwwwww.....!!!!!!! I missed 4000. Rats now my record is broken! Wahh! What will I do... What will I do....

    Maybe, Laura, you should ask the guys who won the Crokinole game?!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Laura. I took Quincy to the pet store to inquire about a haircut and decided to come by the Scrapbook store to see you. Then I realized it was Sat and it was 5:50so I just went home. Hopefully youll see her soon. We should try and blog together and cheer eachother on, that way maybe we will each post more often. Miss You. Britt

  12. kris & kyle Says:

    Laura, where are you? I miss looking at your new posts? ~kristen