What are the odds of finding something that actually exactly matches something in your photo...without going out and purposely matching it up to a specific paper line before taking the picture, like us crazy scrapbookers are wont to do? The funny thing was trying to explain who Heidi Swapp was, why I put a bird on my page and what did a "stupid bird have to do with Melissa's picture anyway"? to my sixteen year old, it was quite the challenge! She just didn't get the whole embellishment thingy. I mean I even pulled out Deb's page of her and Heidi Swapp that she scrapped in LA and showed Jenna who she was, that she was wearing her trademark hounds tooth skirt, and that she is kinda known for the bird embellishment....by then some the wind was taken out of my sails, so to speak and you realize you aren't talking to a true scrapper when you have to explain everything. You know what I mean? We've all been there when we are talking to someone who doesn't speak the language...yup. I just ended up telling her to "never mind the bird has no significance except to decorate" to which the sixteen year old wisdom/sarcasm/tude replied, "Well that's dumb." Thus ended our conversation! And everybody with teenagers say AMEN!

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  1. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    That's dumb just means she does not understand and doesn't want to display her "unkonowledge" of the subject. I like the bird and in critiquing the page think that the page might indicate she knows a secret that the little bird told her orrr that spring has sprung the grass has riz orrrrr She's just a cute chick! There hope that might give you some ammunition! ha ha ha one thing I learned in my art class was that usually critiquing the art was never close to what the artist had in mind. ha ha ha I hated it cuase I usually just like the colors or the way things were put together.

  2. Laura Says:

    I know...the bird had nothing to do with the page except that the hounds tooth matched her scarf.

  3. I love the matching scarf and paper!

  4. Angie Says:

    I actually like the bird too...it adds a little extra to the page.

  5. Laura Says:

    Thanks...Angie and Kristen.

  6. Darla Says:

    This one caught my eye, Laura. Honestly think it's one of the best layouts you've ever done.

  7. Laura Says:

    Thank you Darla.

  8. Amanda Says:

    Love it, Laura! It turned out so sweet!

    And, I know, kids just don't get it. Kind of like husbands too...LOL

  9. Julie Says:

    Cute chick! Ya LOL love it!
    Great page Laura!

  10. Laura Says:

    Yup, kinda like husbands...thanks Amanda.

    Julie, maybe I should have titled it "Cute Chicks" or something "random" like that and it would've validated the bird to my teenager! A few more years and the wires will re-connect! lol.

  11. Jacky Says:

    What a great layout. I really like.
    Fou fou (Princess)

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Laura, it turned out magnifico! Love your layout and the bird! Only scrapbookers get it! Janet