"Spring Stampede"

This is Shannon's supply office...the back of the Budget truck!
Rach still doesn't like dirt roads with trees on both sides...wild boars may have something to do with it! This tent picked up and started blowing away! Fun trying to tie it down again.

So Shannon and the girls spent a couple days "out in the bush" with the cadets doing a weekend of training. It was hot and windy, no wood ticks (I think that was a first in Saskatchewan history) but they had fun. I have a ton of pictures...again because three cameras went out there and all three of them were busy snapping away. Here are a few of them and I can't wait to scrap some of them.

The first night the coyotes were right on the edge of their camp and actually the RSM of the corps decided he wanted to sleep in a hoochie Friday night. Now for those of you who don't know what a hoochie is, it is a tent that is maybe 3,5 feet high, about 5-6 feet long and doorless on both ends. Yup. Can you imagine sleeping a little ways off from the main campsite, hearing the yipping of the coyotes, like right there and looking up out your door into the eyes of a coyote? Yah, I think I would've had a heart attack right on the spot. He had his big knife out and ready because this big coyote kept circling his hoochie. Nothing happened, but I'm sure it took a few years off his life!

Besides eating IMP's, dirt, playing a type of capture the flag game where Rach biffed it but good trying to tag someone, getting sun burned, all is well. Jenna walked up to a kid on the other team and asked him if she could have a drink of water as they kept walking towards the ball they were supposed to capture. She made it quite a ways into enemy territory, when a "wiser" cadet asked this first year what he was doing with the enemy, to which he replied, "Sgt. Peterson needed to go to the bathroom." That wasn't what she told him, but she kept her mouth shut hoping to get closer still, snatch the ball and run. But, they caught on to her scheme and they tagged her when she was within sight of the ball. I howled when she told me this because this is exactly what her dad would do in this situation. Talk about using your head! Lucky for the other side she didn't quite get away with it. Shannon and another Instructor laid in the grass in the early evening while the kids were doing an orienteering course and as they walked by, one of them (I won't mention any names) threw a stick and one of the kids nearly jumped five feet in the air as they rolled on the ground laughing. All in fun. Good clean fun.

So, this ends my blogging for one day. This is what happens when I don't blog forever! You guys get "Bogged Down"! Sorry, I couldn't resist the silly pun. Hope everyone had a good long weekend and we shall see many of you in the store this coming week!!!!

2 Responses
  1. Bamm-ela Says:

    Laura, Laura, Laura,
    1) Thanks for getting back to your blog. PLEASE keep it up.
    2) Thanks for defining "hoochie" because there are areas of the world where "this big coyote kept circling his hoochie" will definitely not mean what you meant -- and I happen to come from one of those areas!
    3) And why would you be afraid to "sleep in a hoochie" - such as it is - anyways? What in fact would a coyote do to you? Isn't it like just a big old dog, except he has to hunt for his own food instead of waiting for his Mommy to flip open a can of Alpo? Are they really dangerous?
    4) Your layouts of your niece and nephew are gorgeous ... way to go!Thanks for sharing, they are inspiring.

  2. Laura Says:

    Thank you Bammela. First of all, where do you come from? Secondly, I realize coyotes are generally chicken, but pretty much all of our cadets are "city slickers" and have never been up close and personal with a prairie chicken let alone a coyote. Also, there was the small detail of a pack in the background somewhere...these things you tend to forget until after the heartrate slows down and the tremors stop!

    I have a few layouts saved to upload in a few days so it looks like I am a "super-blogger"! Hah! Don't think I can fool anyone around here...they know me too well. Worth a try though...lol.