So, this is what happens to your nephew when the teenagers get ahold of him after church! He looks absolutely adorable and the little stinker knows it too! Now the only thing he needs is to have his hair a little longer and spiked and it would be perfect. I plan on scrapping these pics because I can't not. What is it about the youngest siblings that has this mischievous look in their eyes and they are just the stinkers? If anyone figures that one out, I'm sure they will be the next multi-millionaire.

"La-la-la-la. I can't hear you." I said, "Seth look at Rachel and smile, please." "La-la-la-la."
"Arrrggg!" What a goof! Trying to get a nice picture with him, AFTER he has had female attention (yes, I did say female) is NOT going to happen. He is a charmer and I love him. He makes me laugh every service, and then makes me extremely thankful I had two girls!!!!

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  1. Darla Says:

    Spiked hair is not going to happen under my roof! I absolutely hate it when I see little boys with it because it usually comes with huge, capital "A", Attitude!

    And you can write that one down and show me in ten years if necessary!

  2. Darla Says:

    And if that's stereotypical - then so be it.

    He has enough "attitude" to deal with as it is.

    Do you think I feel strongly about this, or what?

  3. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Darla: duly noted and filed! If alzheimers doesn't set in, you will be reminded.

    Laura: YOU look fabulous! I can see the weight loss on you! GO girl! yippee, yahoo!!!!

  4. Darla Says:
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  5. Laura Says:

    Yah, Dar I remember something about you mentioning the fact that you don't really like spiked hair on guys....just pushing your buttons a bit. Would still look adorable for a photo shoot though and you can't deny it.

    Mrs. Wizzle: Thanks! I'm feeling so much better already.

  6. Darla Says:

    He would look adorable, I have absolutely no doubt, Laura. I would allow hair not much longer than he has now to be "spiked" (he has a brush cut), but that's about it. I honestly don't know why, but this rates up there with me like sassing adults does, and you know I do not tolerate that from my kids. It's funny, but they get away with sassing ME more than they do others.....great, eh?

    And Mrs. Wizzle, you sound like you're pretty sure I'll have to be reminded.........we'll see about that, I guess.......

    Sorry about writing a novel on this. Bye for now.

  7. Laura Says:

    We tend to put up with our kids sassing us more than them sassing other adults. I think that is quite typical in most "dysfunctional" families.

  8. Laura Says:

    And what I mean by dysfunctional is everyone has some disfunction in their family, so I wasn't dissin' you Darla.

  9. Janet Says:

    He looks so adorable. Obviously he love the attention! I agree, boys are much different from girls. Can't wait to see your los of the pics!