Yes, I finally have a few pictures of Jenna to post. Rachel did a grad photo shoot of a friend yesterday and Jenna went along to assist/accompany/get some candids of herself. Rachel managed to take some and I like them all. I will be scrapbooking these of her. Who knows, maybe she will do another photo shoot of just Jenna.

Have a great long weekend everyone!
6 Responses
  1. Janet Says:

    You have such pretty daughters! Glad she let her sister get photos of her for you to scrap!

  2. Laura Says:

    Thank you Janet for the compliment. Haven't seen you in the store for a bit. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Sherri Says:

    You have beautiful girls, Laura! Glad I figured out which blog was yours:)

  4. Laura Says:

    Thank you. Now I have to get those new pages photographed and on the blog! Thanks for coming by the store today and doing the make n' take. See you again soon.

  5. Every time you post, you have such great pictures. It's a shame you don't post MORE OFTEN! ;o) lol ...

    Hope we get to see you guys next month when we come to AB!


  6. Laura Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for your commpliment. I find it extremely difficult to keep up with my blog because I think people get tired of seeing just pictures. I don't seem to get much done in the way of scrappin', so I don't update as often as I should.

    Unfortunately, we probably won't be able to see you guys in Sept. Just getting back from holidays and had a few weddings this summer. Which is too bad, as I wanted to see you guys and your absolutely ADORABLE baby!

    Maybe next time!