"I've Been Tagged"

Okay, so you can tell by my title that I have obviously been tagged by a sweet, hilarious, ex-friend (just kidding) and now I am supposed to come up with 6 facts about me that you guys are supposed to find interesting. You would think this wouldn't be too hard, after all, I.....wait, I will put this one down as my first fact.
1). I love to talk...lots...to everybody. You guys know it, when you come into the store, my jaws are usually flapping. That's just me.
2). I am just a tad sarcastic....okay alot. I find the older I get, the more sarcastic I am. I wonder why?
3). I had a great uncle who served in WWII who was German, but fought against Hitler because he hated what Hitler was doing. He survived the war and came home, wouldn't talk about it, but I am thankful today that he fought for my freedom. Don't know if I moved away from Canada, if I could fight against my birth country...
4). I am a terrible procrastinator. Bad. That is something I inherited but I won't say from which parent...lol. I hate that trait, but I still haven't been able to change that one. Still working on it though.
5). Like to play practical jokes on people....fun ones.
6). I am an arachnophobic. Period. I hate eight legged crawly things. I haven't figured out why God created them. Oh, I know that they eat mosquitoes and all that, but I am sure for how smart God is, He could have come up with something less.....offensive???? They are icky!?!
1). Link the person that tagged you.
2).Mention the rules on your own blog.
3). List 6 unspectacular things about you or your group.
4).Taggify 6 other bloggers.
Vren Lagadi tagged me.
I taggify: 1). Sharon from work 2). Julie from work 3). Jenna P. 4). Ralna N. 5). Rachel P. 6). Rachel Roberts :-)
There you have it. Now I hope no one is mad at me, it is all in fun. Now I didn't mention how much I love Tim's coffee because I put that one in the one I did a while back. So have fun ladies!
6 Responses
  1. Darla Says:

    Or how about the fact that almost every day you're "running late" and on the phone with me driving through Tim's, cussing (if stinkin' is a cuss word) out the stupid drivers who are MAKING YOU LATE! Really? The other drivers, the train, the weather, the road block.....anything will do.......

    Love ya.

  2. Laura Says:

    I readily admit that I am running late and it is not the other people's fault that I am running late...they just don't help the problem. They add to it. Again, I know I have inherited a certain gene from a parent and I won't say which one, that I have not gotten the victory over. So, I keep trying...some weeks I am doing great, but lately I have not even scored on the board! Thankfully I have an awesome boss who can be bribed with a Tim's, right Ralna?

    All joking aside, I despise this characteristic about myself and cannot seem to get a grip, but will not stop trying.

  3. ! V r e n Says:

    Ahem... *cough* cough*
    1)Tell me more

    =) Lol you're hilarious! I love you!

  4. Laura Says:

    Love you more, Vren!

  5. Hey! Just noticed you tagged me!! I was tagged by another blogger before I noticed this so you can go to mine at http://aandrroberts.blogspot.com/2008/09/tagged.html


  6. Laura Says:

    Actually, I read yours after I tagged you so I knew someone else already beat me to it. It is a fun way to gain some fun facts about a person.