Hi everyone, meet Monty. This is an Australian Terrier and he belongs to some very good friends of ours. Isn't he the most adorable pup? And yes, he is a stinker!

I had to post because I haven't posted in a while and I haven't actually scrapped in that long either, so I thought I would post a cute photo of this puppy and let everyone know that I am alive and well. I also thought I would beat everyone and get a new post up before everyone started harassing me about not blogging in a long time. lol...

Monty caught his first mouse today and he was so excited! For those of you who didn't know, terriers are bred for "mousing" and "ratting".
Anyway, I mostly wanted to share the cute photo with you and say hi. We'll maybe see some of you in the store this week!
6 Responses
  1. Mrs. Wizzle Says:

    Hmmmmm...... I haven't decided if I am being nice and polite in not bothering you or if I have given up on bothering you. It does take you awhile to get a new one up!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha h

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Mrs. Wizzle.

    Keep on bothering her (for me too)

    The puppy is cute, but Princess Laci is cuter (a mothers love talking)...tell the girls to show you a picture of the puppies I just looked after (pictures on facebook)


  3. Janet Says:

    He is so cute! I did not know they were breed for mousing! Tfs! I need him instead of my cat. lol

  4. Laura Says:

    Mrs. Wizzle: The only thing I am going to say is, keep a blog....hee, hee, hee. It ain't easy.

    Chrissie, aka-Katrina, aka-Gertie, aka-Agatha, and aka-Arlene. Don't even think of harassing me, I know where you live and if I could I would kidnap Lacy...never mind that would be a mission impossible. But this pup is so adorable, and cheeky, and snuggly and smart and most important, IT ISN'T MINE!!!!! Love dogs, but then we can go home and not have hair and everything else.

    Janet: They are great at mousing, the downfall to it is the fact that they like to dig. Holes all over the place. Pretty soon if you don't train them properly, your back yard, front yard, and neighbors yard, looks like a miniature mine field! I think that is why they are so cute!

  5. ! V r e n Says:

    Super cute!

    Oh hi Laura! =D

  6. Bamm-ela Says:

    Hey Laura,
    The pup is certainly cute and the mousing thing makes him productive, BUT Lily is still the princess of CUTE. Bet Monty didn't dress up as Tinkerbell for Hallowe'en, eh? Now THAT was cute. So is her vigil over me as I suffer through the worst throat infection I think I've ever had. She's brought me every toy from her basket. And not a dead mouse among them.
    Take care,